Unplanned Pregnancy Help

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by Rod, Advancement Director

Recently, I created a social media advertisement to run on Google Ads. Right around the same time the ad went up, a pregnancy resource center (PRC) piece by the Guardian, a daily British newspaper, was released against American pregnancy resource center, Obria.* The piece caused Google to change it’s advertising policies with pregnancy resource centers.**

The British newspaper stated that Obria was running deceptive ads, that “appeared to offer abortions and other medical services, but instead focused on counseling and information on alternatives to abortion.” As the ad creator for RETA, having seen other pregnancy centers’ Google advertisements - both text and videos, I know this to be patently false.

Most ads trying to reach abortion-minded women from PRCs state they provide abortion information, free pregnancy testing/verification and ultrasound. They may even use a headline such as Abortion and Local City Name, but then spell out that they provide information in the description below the title. Most pregnancy resource centers are clear on their websites, which Google ad links most likely point to, that they do not provide or refer for abortions. PRCs simply share the facts that a pregnant woman is carrying a unique, living human being by way of ultrasound, what a woman's options are, what procedures or processes a woman will go through and make it clear that the woman ultimately makes the decision, while hoping they choose life. This is not deception. This is not coercion. It’s truth. It’s science.

The reality of what’s happening at a national level hit home, as I received an email from Google late last week stating that RETA’s advertisements would be impacted by their new policy. I was required to fill out a form, checking a box that confirms we do not provide abortions. That message will now show on all our advertisements through Google search and YouTube platforms, as well as the platforms of their partners.

We have never lied about who we are or what we do. We have women and men from diverse backgrounds and mindsets come to RETA because we offer loving, honest care and support to those who are facing unplanned pregnancies. Our free and confidential services include pregnancy testing, ultrasound, STD testing and treatment, parent coaching, pregnancy loss support for those who have experienced miscarriage or have regret from an abortion decision, and healthy sexual boundaries education. We have three licensed nurses on staff who are overseen by an OB/GYN. We don’t make money based on what a woman decides. We are here to help build lives and families and pray that our clients find the love of Jesus in the midst of their trials as we walk alongside them from first trimester and beyond.