She's pregnant... now what?

Finding out your son or daughter is expecting a baby is life changing

Grandparent Support

Grandparent Support is provided to help in figuring out your new role as a grandparent and how to cope as the parent of an expectant teen. You will meet one-on-one with someone who has walked through an unplanned pregnancy with their teenager.

Your son or daughter needs you now more than ever.  It is easy to simply react when your son or daughter breaks the news to you that they are pregnant.  How you respond will have a significant impact on your future relationship.  Try to remain calm.  Though it’s hard to imagine now, good can come from this.  Let your child know you love them and that although this is not what you planned it will be okay.  You can all get through this together.  For many families this is an area where they need help navigating and we are here to help.

Call (574) 522-3888 and leave a message for a Grandparent Support volunteer to arrange a meeting for you.