Want to be a better man and dad?

Want to impact your family in a way that no one else can?

We understand how valuable a dad is and want to support you.

Men’s Coaching

Men's Coaching is interactive and relational, motivating and challenging. It is one-on-one mentoring, not a lecture. Get practical parenting help and guidance for setting goals. We can talk about your job and relationships, help you deal with anger and work on communicating with your family.

Participating in Men’s Coaching gives you access to our Family Store, where you can get FREE diapers, wipes, blankets, laundry soap, car seats and clothes for kids.

Need a pat on the back or a nudge in a better direction? We can help you be a good man and a great dad.

Couples’ Coaching is also available for men and women, whether married or in a relationship, with children or expecting. Couples will get practical parenting help while strengthening their relationship. We want to build strong families. Let us help bring greater strength and peace to your family.

Monday-Friday by appointment call (574) 522-3888