Men’s Coaching is designed to be interactive and provides personal motivation and helpful information for men and dads.

This unique program for guys lets you experience one-on-one mentoring, not a lecture. Through videos, worksheets and discussion, you get practical parenting help and guidance for setting goals. You can talk about your job and your relationships, conflicts or other issues you are dealing with, and improve your ability to communicate with your family.

Maybe you are a teen dad (or older) or maybe your children are still in diapers (or older)—regardless of where you are in life, being part of Men’s Coaching gives you access to our Family Store. By coming to appointments, you earn the opportunity to take home items like diapers, toys, car seats, shampoo, kids’ clothes and more.

Do you need a pat on the back or a nudge in a better direction? We can help you stay on track to become the good man and great dad that your family needs you to be.

For additional fatherhood information and encouragement visit National Fatherhood Initiative.

Couples’ Coaching is available for men and women, whether married or in a relationship, whether you are already parenting or expecting your first baby. Dads and moms can strengthen their relationship or gain input for everyday parenting concerns, and then shop in the Family Store. We want to build strong families. Let us help bring a new level of support and peace to your family.