Are you wondering if you’re pregnant and trying to figure out what to do now? Take a deep breath.

First, we can provide a free HCG urine pregnancy test.  If you have a positive pregnancy result, a limited obstetrical ultrasound may be scheduled if applicable.  If you’re pregnant and it wasn’t planned, take your time and try not to panic.  Even though you’re not the first person this has happened to, the fact that it’s your life makes it a big deal!  Facing an unplanned pregnancy is challenging and life changing but you can choose what that change looks like.

You have three choices, parenting, adoption, and you may be considering abortion.  It is important that you are fully informed before you make your decision and RETA is here to help now and beyond your decision.  

Secondly, whether your pregnancy is planned or unplanned, this is often an emotional and confusing time for you and the father of your child.  We can refer you to doctors for your prenatal needs and provide resources for material assistance and parenting education through our Earn While You Learn program.  If you want information on making an adoption plan, we can provide you with support and referrals to credible and caring adoption agencies. 

Regardless of your choice, we have caring people who have experienced all three choices and are willing to share their story with you at your request.  There is no pressure.  It’s your decision and we care about you.   



OR 574-522-HELP for our ICU Mobile Ultrasound Unit

If you have had a previous abortion, we can provide confidential abortion recovery resources and support.

RETA does not perform or refer for abortions. 

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