From Client to Board Member


Meet RETA board member and secretary, Katie Mayfield. Katie has served on RETA’s board since October 2015. An Elkhart native, she graduated from Elkhart Central High School in 1999 and pursued social work, attending IUSB thereafter.

Now working at a law firm next door to RETA’s office, Katie is blessed to have a job that allows her to love, encourage and walk through difficult times with her clients who face end-of-life issues for themselves or their loved ones. She’s reminded daily of the sanctity, fragility and brevity of life - not only from her job, but from her own life experiences.

Katie is a single mother of six. She has three beautiful children, middle school through college-age, here on earth and three in heaven, who were lost to abortion and miscarriage. Her experiences with her lost children ultimately led her to receive services at RETA, and after finding healing, freedom and forgiveness in Jesus Christ, Katie now provides a unique perspective serving our RETA’s board of directors.

She hopes to make an impact with RETA through building relationships and empowering Elkhart by sharing truth, love, hope, resources and education. We’re so glad she’s part of our team!