Our Medical Director, Gayle Borkowski, MD


Meet Dr. Gayle Borkowski of Fairhaven OB/GYN, who serves as RETA’s Medical Director. She became RETA’s Medical Director in March of 2019 because she believes we need to protect life from conception through the end. She’s in a unique position to provide expertise as a woman in the OB/GYN field because she wants to buck the assumption that as a female, she must hold a more liberal view of women’s health. She serves as a voice for women in the medical field who hold to more conservative views.

Dr. Borkowski has been on staff at Fairhaven OB/GYN since 1998 and is the most senior partner there. She pursued OB/GYN care because of its broad spectrum, from providing primary care through surgical intervention.

She is married to her husband of 25 years, Shek and has four children, ages 17-24. When she’s not busy with her duties as a doctor, Gayle enjoys horseback riding.

We are so grateful for her heart for what we do at RETA!