Training, Testing and Treating | Medical Expansion


There are some new and exciting developments in RETA’s medical program!

Last month we mentioned that two nurses joined our staff. Darcy and Kim are halfway done with their ultrasound training and should be finished and on their own by the end of June. (Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to be an ultrasound model for us!)

Starting June 10, RETA will begin providing free STD testing and treatment at our office and on our mobile unit around Elkhart County! As we begin the new service, we'll be seeing females and testing/treating chlamydia and gonorrhea, with expansion of the service to men and other STDs in the future. We wanted to launch into this area, not only because Elkhart County has the seventh highest STD rate in the state, or because we want to begin expanding into women’s health services, but also for the opportunity to reach and educate more sexually active clients with our mission.

Speaking of reaching more, did you know that 1 in 4 women doesn’t receive any prenatal care? Working with our medical director, RETA now offers free prescriptions for prenatal vitamins to anyone who is pregnant or would like to become pregnant. Those interested can contact one of our nurses at the office and they will contact your local Walgreens, Meijer or Martin’s Pharmacy so you can get free prenatal vitamins.