Pregnancy Loss Support Begins

JOIN PREGNANCY LOSS SUPPORT GROUP  |  This free and open group meets 2nd Monday of each month from 6-7:30 p.m. at RETA.


In 2017, RETA performed more than 375 ultrasounds. Our nurses have the joy of showing eager young moms and dads their baby’s heartbeat, as they get to see their baby moving, kicking and jumping in utero.

Sometimes we don’t have good news to share as parents watch the ultrasound. Sometimes their baby has no heartbeat. As some of our dear clients and several RETA staff have experienced, finding out that you’ll miscarry is a hard and traumatic experience. We have hopes and dreams for our children and that starts early on in a pregnancy. Those hopes and dreams die when you find out that your child has died.

We wanted to have a direct point of support for those who experience miscarriage, stillbirth and premature infant loss, so we expanded our services to include Pregnancy Loss Support. 

Under the Pregnancy Loss Support umbrella, we will provide a support group and resources to moms and dads who experience the devastating loss of a baby. We will also continue to provide our life-changing Abortion Recovery Support under the same umbrella.

Tonya Harwood, RETA’s Pregnancy Loss Support Coordinator, oversees both areas. Tonya says of Pregnancy Loss Support,

“I’m looking forward to walking through the healing process together and coming alongside parents as they grieve.”

No one should feel like they have to walk through the loss of a baby alone.