RETA is for YOU


The following is a special post from Roxana, RETA's Executive Director.

I often wonder if everyone knows that RETA’s services are for everyone. If you are a donor, a supporter and believe wholeheartedly in our mission you already know we help women and men who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or parents who need extra support. You may even understand that we have people of all ages coming to our programs.

But do you ever think that we are also here for you or those close to you?

I love the fact that because we don’t receive government funding, we are not limited to serving only those of a particular income bracket or have children of certain ages. RETA’s programs are for anyone who has a need. Do you know of someone in your family, a neighbor or someone in your church who could use our Mom’s Coaching or Men’s Coaching? Have you or someone you love experienced the painful loss of a pregnancy or stillbirth? Do you know someone who has regret and hurt from an abortion decision? Regardless of how long ago or how recent these events, many struggle to find a safe place to share their hurt and sometimes there is hesitation to share even amongst their Christian community. 

Please keep in mind that RETA isn’t just here for other people. RETA is here for everyone and everyone includes you and those you love.