At The Elkhart County 4-H Fair


The Elkhart County 4-H Fair brings something new and something familiar each year we attend and 2019 was no different.

The weather causing the fair to close early was something new this year. At RETA’s mobile unit location, our three nurses were able to provide pregnancy and STD testing and ultrasounds five days at the fair. During our non-service hours, RETA staff and volunteers gave tours and chatted with passersby. Due to rain and storms on Sunday at the fair, all attendees were asked to evacuate - including those in the middle of an appointment on our mobile unit!

Each year at our other location at the fair in Exhibit Building F, we see the older couples who walk by silently, glance over and give us a thumbs up in appreciation of our work. We see the young families with little children who stop to pick up our baby models, which show the development of a baby in the womb. The same goes for the pregnant mothers who stop as well. We get to answer questions from those in need and interested in our services. We make new community partnerships with like-minded individuals. We don’t often have folks stop to berate our work, but that unfortunately happened this week as well.

As a supporter, you’re probably aware we provide life-affirming services and that we don’t coerce women into making the decisions we hope for. We provide a pregnancy test, ultrasound and all the information that a woman needs to make an informed decision. Our hope is that through hearing the truth about the pre-born child she’s carrying, she will choose to parent or place for adoption.

One of those who stopped at our booth to decry our work said we “better have services available for those [we] make keep their disabled babies”. We were able to reply kindly and honestly that Elkhart County has great resources for those parents - ADEC, Lighthouse Autism Center, Mosaic as well as great programs in our schools. We’re grateful to live in such a resource rich county!

Speaking of our resource rich county, those who visited our booth also took notice that we were fortunate to be next to Veni’s Sweet Shop from Nappanee, selling delicious fudge. Make sure to stop by our booth next year to say hello and stick around to get some fudge while you’re at it!