Hope In the Midst of Hard News


Two weeks ago, the remains of 2,246 preborn babies were discovered in the home of the deceased abortionist, Ulrich “George” Klopfer. (Click here to read the full story.)

These last two weeks have opened up deep wounds for many of the women who had abortions at Women’s Pavilion in South Bend, where George practiced. (Click here to read one of those women’s stories.) Some of those women had previously found freedom, forgiveness and healing in Jesus Christ through programs like RETA’s Abortion Recovery Support. Others are reaching out right now because this situation has taken them back to that moment in their lives and brought back the trauma, causing them to see the need to find healing.

If you've been directly impacted by the news about Dr. Ulrich George Klopfer and you're struggling, please know that we are here for you and you can reach out to us confidentially at 574-522-3888.