STD Testing for Men Begins

STD Soc Med 2.jpg

RETA’s new STD testing and treatment program began in mid-June for women at our office and on our mobile unit. The plan from the beginning has been to eventually serve men as well and to expand to other STDs.

Starting at the beginning of the month, we stepped forward in one of those areas by beginning testing for men. There were a lot of logistics we needed to work through, from thinking through our nurses’ safety if we did male STD testing on our mobile unit to what male volunteers would we need to begin the service.

Here’s where we landed.

Starting Wednesdays in September at our office, Jeff, our Men’s Coaching Manager, served alongside one of our nurses, acting as a client advocate. The nurse performs the test and Jeff is able to talk with the client about their relationships, sexual risk avoidance and lifestyle changes. The client will then come back in a week for the results of their test. Jeff is temporarily stepping into this role until it has been clarified enough for volunteers to be trained.

Speaking of volunteers - we’ll be looking for at least two men who would be willing to come in twice a month on Wednesdays from 2-5 p.m. as male client advocates to do what Jeff has been doing. You’ll receive training from Jeff and a nurse. We’d like to find our volunteers by mid-October to early November. Please contact at our office at 574-522-3888 if you’re interested.